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Ditch the Pasta and Create a Zucchini Lasagna


With my crazy schedule and travel the last few weeks, it’s been a challenge to eat healthy. To give myself a fighting chance, I recently tried another way to create lasagna and reduce my carb intake. I believe that you can always find ways of taking tried and true favorites and making them healthier for you – it just takes a little creativity.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 8-2

1227 Foster- Lasagna 10

This “lasagna” is actually easier because you forego the boiling of lasagna noodles and simply replace the noodles with slices of zucchini — any color will do.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 2

There’s no recipe in this posting, since I’m sure you already have your own favorite, but simply visuals to show you how I assembled this beautiful and healthy dish.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 1

I even threw in mushrooms for added texture in the sauce.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 3

And in my version, I actually mix ricotta with cottage cheese to make it even healthier.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 4

You have the option of creating a sauce with or without meat….for me, I used ground beef in this version since I wanted that extra texture and substance.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 5

In a large baking dish, I added sauce to the bottom, then started the layering process with yellow zucchini.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 6

Then top it with the cheese mixture, add the meat sauce, then repeat with more zucchini – until you get to the top and cover it all up with a beautiful layer of mozzarella.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 7

It comes out beautiful and is just as hearty, just less carbs.

1227 Foster- Lasagna 8

The one thing to note is that because you’re using all these veggies, there will be extra liquid in the dish so don’t be surprised.

I hope you enjoy this recipe idea – I sure did :)

1227 Foster- Lasagna 11

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Author: Danny

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    • Thanks Elen — bet you have a lot of great ideas for that zucchini you’re growing!

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  1. Although I am not against [wholemeal] type carbs, this is very appealing! Methinks I’ll try without any meat at all: I think the sauce and flavourings would add quite enough taste for a very palatable meal . . .

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    • Thank you! I love this dish — so healthy, so guilt-free, yet so filling as well. :)

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  2. Now that’s absolutely beautiful! You’re a genius.

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    • Thanks Kathy — it was absolutely delicious with all the veggies!

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    • Thank you — it was delicious and sooooo guilt free :)

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  3. I am a new cook and don’t have my own recipes, please would you send me the recipe for this. It looks so delicious!

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    • Thanks so much. Unfortunately, I’ve never posted a lasagna recipe on here — this was simply inspiration to swap out the pasta for slices of zucchini. Any lasagna recipe you find will work — just make the swap :)

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  4. I just want to make it clear that just because this is gluten free, it is not CARB free. Nearly everything on Earth has carbs and vegetables are packed with quite a few of them. zucchini and squash are great as they have less carbs than a lot of other vegetables but wouldn’t want people new to Paleo eating the whole pan and wondering why they aren’t losing weight as that is often the goal of the gluten free community. I can’t wait to try this recipe as I have only tried one with yellow squash, cheese and eggs. Will let you know how it turns out :)

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    • Jessica, you are absolutely right and I appreciate you pointing that out. I hope you enjoy it.

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