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How to Bake Beets into Muffins and Transform them into Beautiful Cupcakes

Where do I begin with today’s posting?

You can actually thank  Costco for today’s dessert creation. As I was doing my routine Costco shopping, I found my way into the refrigerated veggie and fruit section. I was picking up my regular tub of organic spinach, some bell peppers and mushrooms, when I saw this package of deep, burgundy orbs. They were precooked and pre-peeled beets. I immediately thought about creating a beet salad (which I’ll share in a future posting) and so without giving it additional thought, the beets found their way into my shopping cart.

Flash forward past a delicious beet and shrimp salad and I found myself standing in front of the fridge wondering what I was going to do with all these beets. Then it hit me, use them up in cupcakes! I had never heard of beets being used in cupcakes but I thought that if carrots and other veggies could be used in cupcakes, so could these wonderfully colored root vegetables.

I have no idea what the difference is between a muffin and a cupcake.

The game plan: find a cupcake recipe and add in pureed beets to the batter and then find a frosting and add the beet juice for color — simple!

1227 Foster- Beet & Chocolate Cupcake_

But since you all know by now that I’m not a baker, this creation was going to require some help and so I began to scour my cookbooks for a recipe to test out. Fortunately, I have a book called 500 Cupcakes by Fergal Connolly and low and behold, there was a chocolate and beet muffin recipe. Unfortunately, there was no frosting recipe included since it was a muffin, but I found a classic buttercream recipe in another book that I had, Whoopie Pies by Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell.  As I’m writing this, I just realized that I have no idea what the difference is between a muffin and a cupcake. Is it literally one is frosted and the other isn’t?

1227 Foster- Beet & Chocolate Cupcake 3At that point, 4th of July was fast approaching and so I decided to be adventurous and bake a dessert rather than doing something savory. This would be my contribution along with some Italian sausages to throw on the grill. My family would be the guinea pig and the true test would be the kids, Nadal and Milo — what would they think?

Confession time:

  1. Beets are a pain in the you know where to work with — I was constantly worried about getting beet juice everywhere and not being able to clean it up.
  2. Baking is stressful! All that precision in measurement and making sure that you don’t over stir or mix was stressing me out!
  3. But low-and-behold, I actually enjoyed the decorating process once I got the hang of it.

Do you know that I actually spent some time going through a ton of YouTube videos on cupcake decorating? I wanted to find something simple that I could do and discovered one that fit the bill.

1227 Foster- Beet & Chocolate Cupcake 5So when it came time to frost the cupcakes, I found the frosting tips in my pantry, but couldn’t find the piping bag. I had to be resourceful and grabbed a large Ziploc bag, snipped off a corner, dropped in my star-shaped frosting tip and proceeded to secure the tip with a large rubber band so that the frosting wouldn’t come out — MacGyver would have been so proud of me!

After a few trials, I was pretty happy with my frosting skills and realized that the decorating part was actually fun! I kind of want to bake more cupcakes and try some other frosting techniques — but only to hone my skills — I don’t want to eat the cupcakes or the frosting! :)

1227 Foster- Beet & Chocolate Cupcake 2The muffins, I mean cupcakes, actually tasted great! I wasn’t sure how the beets were going to taste, but they were actually delicious! And the beet juice for frosting color turned out beautiful! I loved the pink hue!

Everyone at the celebration enjoyed the cupcakes — even the kids! I was so glad they turned out wonderful!

1227 Foster- 4th of July 2For this year’s event, Mom and Dad hosted and so I had a chance to snap a few photos of their beautiful garden.

1227 Foster- 4th of July 3

1227 Foster- 4th of July 5

1227 Foster- 4th of July 4

1227 Foster- 4th of July 6And here are a few other photos from the event — I’m sure you remember Edward and Audrey from my past videos and yours truly posing with his creation!

4th of July 4

1227 Foster- 4th of JulyOf course, my cupcakes weren’t the only dessert at our celebration. This family can’t just have one. There was also a pistachio cake and some truly decadent chocolate-caramel oatmeal bars which I had a chance to photograph since they looked soooooo good!

1227 Foster- Chocolate Caramel Oatmeal Bars 2I hope you enjoyed today’s posting and I hope you give these wonderful beet and chocolate muffins a try!

Beet & Chocolate Muffins with Buttercream Frosting

Serves 12
Meal type Dessert
From book 500 Cupcakes by Fergal Connolly; Whoppie Pies by Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell



  • 1 1/2lb Beets (Pre-peeled and pre-cooked; set aside juice)
  • 3 1/2 cups Self-rising Flour
  • 2 tablespoons Cocoa Powder
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
  • 1 1/2 cup Buttermilk


  • 3 cups Confectioners' Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Unsalted butter (1 stick at room temperature)
  • 3-4 tablespoons Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • pinch Salt


If you decide to use fresh beets, you'll need about 2 large, fresh trimmed beets.

1. Steam the beets for 50 minutes until tender.

2. Drain and rinse under cold water. When cool to handle, gently peel away the skin with your fingertips (wear latex gloves to avoid staining your hands purple).



Step 1
Puree the beets in a food processor until smooth. Set aside.
Step 2
Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray 12-cup muffin pan with baking spray (or grease).
Step 3
In a medium bowl, combine the flour, cocoa, sugar and baking powder.
Step 4
In a large bowl, beat the eggs, oil and buttermilk.
Step 5
Stir in the beets until well combined, then add the flour mixture, stirring until just combined.
Step 6
Spoon the batter in the muffin pan, filling 3/4 of the way. Bake for 20 minutes.
Step 7
Check doneness of the muffins with a toothpick inserted in the center -- if it comes out clean, remove from the oven and cool for 5 minutes before transferring onto a cooling rack.
Step 8
In bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat together the confectioners' sugar with the butter, starting on low and increasing to medium speed, until the mixture is crumbly, about 1 minute.
Step 9
Add the heavy cream, vanilla and salt and beat on high speed until smooth, about 3 minutes.
Step 10
Add in 3-4 teaspoons of the reserved beet juice and beat on high until well blended. Add additional beet juice for darker, richer color.
Step 11
Once muffins have completely cooled, frost as desired and enjoy!





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Author: Danny

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  1. Beautiful .. have never heard about beet muffins or cupcakes. I don’t like cupcakes, even if I love looking and adoring them – small pieces of art .. so adorable – but I don’t eat them .. as I say I want mine naked and then it’s a muffin. They say the difference in how we mix the ingredients – cupcakes are slightly lighter. I just have try your beet muffins.
    Your lilies are stunningly beautiful too ..
    viveka recently posted..O poveste in imaginiMy Profile

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    • I’m with you Viveka — I just like decorating them and seeing how they turned out. :) I’ll let my parents know — the beautiful flowers are from their yard! Hope you are doing well!

      Post a Reply
      • Thanks, Danny … I’m doing okay.
        This with taking care of mom’s life after her passing is the worst bit – and it has been family complications too involved, but all sorted now and it’s full steam ahead, but I have making myself sick over it at times.
        When this month has passed – all is done .. and I can pick up my own life. Thanks for caring and asking.
        Viveka recently posted..sorry, for being so selfishMy Profile

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  2. These are beautiful, Danny! I love pink icing – it’s so happy. :)

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    • Thank you Patricia — I do love how they turned out visually (and taste-wise as well) :)

      Post a Reply
    • It is definitely not the first thing you think of when you dream of making cupcakes but when you’re faced with all these beets from Costco — well, you know the rest. I’m just glad they turned out delicious! Thanks Kathy!

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  3. Wow your cupcakes are just beautiful and love love pink fluffy clouds of frosting. I rather use beets than red food dye as it is the healthier option, but yes much messier option. Take care, BAM
    Bam’s Kitchen recently posted..Sensational Summer Citrus SalmonMy Profile

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    • Thank you! I have to thank all those YouTube videos I was watching on how to decorate — this seemed like the easiest way to do so :) I agree, I would rather use natural coloring than food dyes any time :)

      Post a Reply
    • Thanks Shari — only reason I thought of them was because I had so much :)

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  4. Danny, you baked!!!! Look how gorgeous and perfect they are!! Love the recipe. Absolutely well done you!! xx

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Jaims — that means a lot! :) I hope you’re doing well!

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