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How do you cram a Lasagna into a Mushroom?


I love lasagna despite all the work and I’m not talking about taking a frozen one out of a box and baking it in the oven for 45 minutes! And for the record, this is not just another lasagna recipe with mushrooms inside.

I’ve actually taken the classic lasagna dish and evolved it into two vegetable versions where I completely omitted the lasagna noodles and used spaghetti squash in one version and more recently, zucchini. Both were outstanding and were a big hit with the family!

But recently, I wanted to go a different direction and use lasagna as an inspiration and create something lighter and less time consuming!

Danny’s Portabella Lasagna

1227 Foster- Portabella Lasagna 1

While I love lasagna, it’s really a heavy meal. All those layers of delicious pasta can really weigh you down.

And now that I’m back to working out on a regular basis, I wanted to create something that was lighter but still full of that lasagna goodness! So in this simple creation, simply omit the pasta and start out with beautiful, large portabella mushrooms.

1227 Foster- Portabella Lasagna 5

And no sauce is complete without fresh herbs, so if you have them, use them – it makes the flavor that much more amazing! If you don’t have fresh herbs, dried will always do in a pinch. 

1227 Foster- Portabella Lasagna 4

The fun part of this dish is using the large portabella mushroom as the base and holder for the lasagna goodness. Hopefully, once you remove the stem and scrape out the insides, you’re left with a deep area to fill. But if not, don’t worry, it will all stay in place. Even when the mushroom is stuffed and topped to the brim, everything bakes within the mushroom area.

1227 Foster- Portabella Lasagna 3

What I really love about this dish is that it’s so versatile. Serve these as a beautiful appetizer or enjoy this as a main course — they will truly impress! I was able to devour 2 in one sitting and didn’t feel one ounce of guilt since I felt like I was simply eating a large mushroom. :)

1227 Foster- Portabella Lasagna 2

I hope you give this a try. Feel free to use my recipe below or use your existing lasagna recipe. Whichever you do, I know these will be a hit! Enjoy!

1227 Foster- Portabella Lasagna

Portabella Lasagna

Serves 5-6
Cook time 25 minutes
Meal type Appetizer, Main Dish
Misc Serve Hot
Website 1227 Foster


  • 5-6 Large Portabella Mushrooms (stem and insides removed/scraped out)
  • Shredded Italian Cheese Blend (any Italian blend with mozzarella)
  • Olive Oil

Meat Sauce

  • 2 Italian Sausages (skin removed, cooked and crumbled)
  • 14.5oz Diced Tomaotes (1 can)
  • 2 heaped tablespoons Tomato Paste
  • Fresh Basil (chopped)
  • Fresh Oregano (chopped)
  • Fresh Parlsey (chopped)
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Cheese Mixture

  • 1 cup Ricotta Cheese
  • 1 Egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Meat Sauce
Step 1
In a large pot, combine sausage, diced tomatoes, tomato paste and herbs and bring to a boil over medium heat.
Meat Sauce
Step 2
Once sauce has come to a boil, season with salt and pepper to taste and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
Cheese Mixture
Step 3
Combined ricotta, egg and lightly season with salt and pepper - mix well.
Step 4
Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit
Step 5
Coat bottom of a 9x13 glass baking dish with olive oil and place mushrooms in the dish, face up.
Step 6
Spoon in a layer of sauce, then a layer of ricotta, top with shredded cheese and then drizzle with olive oil.
Step 7
Bake uncovered for 20-25 minutes until cheese has turned a light golden brown in some areas and mushrooms are tender.

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Author: Danny

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    • Thank you so much! it is definitely lighter than any noodle version but just as tasty and satisfying!

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      • protip: Use the scraped mushroom innards and stem in the meat sauce.

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  1. How fun is this Danny! Love these little portabella lasagnas. Such a nice change from traditional lasagna and a great way to use one of my fave mushrooms. :) Fabulous!
    Karista recently posted..Savory Blueberry Ginger SalsaMy Profile

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    • Thanks Karista — I really enjoyed devouring each one of these :) Now I wish I had more! Hope you are well my friend!

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    • I hope you get a chance to try it out for any occasion — it’s just so good :) Thanks Kathy!

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  2. Isn’t this more a stuffed mushroom dish as opposed to a lasagna?

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    • It is more “lasagna” only because it’s a classic layering of meat sauce, ricotta, cheese, etc., sans noodle. Had I mixed it all together and scooped it in then “stuffed” would have been in the title. It’s delicious no matter what you want to call it. Thanks :)

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  3. Oh my goodness & that does look like goodness. You’ve really come up with a winner with this idea.

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    • Awww, thanks Diane — I’m so glad you like this latest creation. :) Hope you are well!

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  4. According to Wikipedia the preferred spelling for the mushroom is portobello, although portabella is also sometimes used. Thought you’d like to know.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to let me know, but the package of this brand spelled it this way!

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